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This UABA Blog page provides information and commentary on issues that are relevant to the organization and its members. Although the blogs are public, comments can only be made by members. If yoiu wish to join the discussion, you are welcome to become a member.

The comments expressed on these blogs represent the opinions of the authors and not that of the UABA.

  • 03 Jan 2016 1:19 PM | Anonymous

    Starting from today, January the 1st, 2016 Ukraine has officially assumed its duties as a non-permanent member of UN Security Council for the years 2016-2017. Before taking over their responsibilities Ukrainian diplomats thanked all countries for supporting Ukraine's candidacy. "We are ready to work closely together for global peace and security," diplomats said in their press statement.   Ukraine Today.   Read More

  • 03 Jan 2016 1:17 PM | Anonymous

    Russia has formally initiated legal proceedings against Ukraine in London for refusing to repay a USD 3bn debt. Ukraine's Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Ukraine had prepared itself for court action after the country officially defaulted on the debt on 20 December. Despite deafulting the International Monetary Fund (IMF) changed its rules so that failure to repay the Russian debt did not disqualify Ukraine from receiving a IMF USD 17.5 billion dollar rescue package agreed with the pro-EU post- revolution government.   Ukraine Today.    Read More

  • 03 Jan 2016 1:15 PM | Anonymous

    Serhiy Kvit is perhaps Ukraine’s most successful minister, but he became a politician only by chance. Almost two years ago, Kvit was rector of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. He agreed to visit student protesters barricaded inside Ukraine’s Education Ministry during the country’s Maidan revolution, which led to the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014. “Students asked us to present our vision of higher education and research, and they approved of our concept,” Kvit told Times Higher Education on a visit to London last month.  KyivPost.  Read More

  • 03 Jan 2016 1:07 PM | Anonymous

    The Obama administration, relying on legal precedents going back more than a century, has urged the Supreme Court to rule that Puerto Rico remains a dependent U.S. territory and does not govern itself as an independent “sovereign.”  It thus challenged the island commonwealth’s claim that since 1952 it has had the status of a self-governing entity with its people free to have their own legislature write the island’s own laws, including criminal laws.   SCOTUS Blog.   Read More

  • 03 Jan 2016 1:03 PM | Anonymous

    Divisions within Ukraine's post-revolutionary government burst into the open last week, after a video was made public of a profanity-filled row between Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and Odessa governor Mikheil Saakashvili. During the row at a government meeting, Mr Avakov hurled a water glass at Mr Saakashvili. Some people jokingly called it the Ukrainian "Watergate." But the ramifications of the fight could be very serious.    BBC News.   Read More

  • 03 Jan 2016 12:58 PM | Anonymous

    Ukraine's free-trade agreement with the European Union came into force on January 1, coinciding with the start of Moscow's food embargo against Kyiv. The free-trade deal, signed in June 2014, is part of the broader EU Association Agreement and stands at the heart of the drastic deterioration of Ukraine's relations with Russia. The deal grants Ukraine tariff-free access to the EU's giant market and is expected to boost Ukraine's struggling economy.    RFE/RL.   Read More

  • 03 Jan 2016 12:56 PM | Anonymous

    Ukraine has announced it will ban food products from Russia starting on January 10, a response to a similar ban by Moscow. The sanctions, published on Ukraine's government website on January 2, include meat, fish, and dairy products as well as vegetables and fruit. A similar Russian ban came into effect on January 1.   RFE/RL.   Read More

  • 03 Jan 2016 12:55 PM | Anonymous

    Three book authors and their advocacy organization have taken to the Supreme Court their decade-long copyright fight with Google over its massive book-copying and search project.  The new appeal, filed on Thursday, asked the Justices to take away the giant digital firm’s legal protection against paying fees and getting permission to add whole volumes to its database.  The filing accuses Google of violating copyright “on an epic scale.”  Overall, Google has made digital copies of some twenty million books; about four million of them still are under copyright.   SCOTUS Blog.   Read More

  • 03 Jan 2016 12:52 PM | Anonymous

    The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Tuesday that a Maryland man may proceed with his lawsuit alleging that the state’s congressional redistricting plan was unconstitutionally gerrymandered. The court said lower courts were wrong to dismiss the lawsuit that Steve Shapiro filed on behalf of himself and others challenging the state’s redistricting after the 2010 Census. The state’s overwhelmingly Democratic political leadership changed the lines to make it easier for Democrats to win in seven of the state’s eight congressional districts.   Washington Post.   Read More

  • 03 Jan 2016 12:48 PM | Anonymous

    In an echo of the referendum in 2014 on whether to join Russia, residents of Crimea are being asked if they want to reaffirm their choice. The catalyst this time is the power grid. The longstanding contract under which Ukraine supplied about 70 percent of the peninsula’s electricity expired on Thursday. Ukraine is willing to sign a new one, but only if the contract states explicitly that the Black Sea peninsula is part of Ukraine, the Russian minister of energy, Aleksandr Novak, said on state television.    NYT.   Read More

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