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This UABA Blog page provides information and commentary on issues that are relevant to the organization and its members. Although the blogs are public, comments can only be made by members. If yoiu wish to join the discussion, you are welcome to become a member.

The comments expressed on these blogs represent the opinions of the authors and not that of the UABA.

  • 13 Mar 2016 12:48 PM | Anonymous

    The maintenance of Western sanctions is contingent upon Ukraine’s willingness to reform itself, according to former Ukrainian foreign minister Vladimir Ogryzko. If Ukraine does not act, the West will ultimately lift the sanctions; and Ukraine will have only itself to blame for its resulting isolation. In a commentary today, the diplomat argues that the West is ready “to forgive us a very great deal both in regard to the Minsk process and to questions related to it if we demonstrate in our domestic policy good tempos, real changes and so on. Unfortunately, this isn’t happening”   Window on Eurasia.   Read More

  • 08 Mar 2016 8:25 PM | Anonymous

    For decades the Dutch political party Democrats ‘66 campaigned for the introduction of a referendum as part of political life in The Netherlands. The main reason was to bring politics closer to the people, to let them have a say in key issues that affected the country, and strengthen the connection between politicians and the citizens. In the end they succeeded, and an advisory referendum was added to the Dutch political system. How could they imagine that this creation, introduced as the ultimate tool of democratic governance, would became a mechanism hijacked and used for non-democratic purposes?   Human Rights in Ukraine.  Read More

  • 08 Mar 2016 8:22 PM | Anonymous

    Ukrainian Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko has tentatively agreed to become the Prime Minister after a week of negotiations, Ukrainian online newspaper Ukrainska Pravda reported with reference to its sources in the presidential administration.   UNIAN.   Read More

  • 08 Mar 2016 8:13 PM | Anonymous

    Two years ago, the people of Ukraine toppled the criminal and tyrannical regime of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych after police opened fire on protestors in Kyiv’s Independence Square. Over 100 people were murdered for making one simple demand of their government — that Ukraine’s citizens be treated with dignity.Those who perished defending the Ukrainian people’s unalienable right to liberty and justice are known as the Nebesna Sotnya — the Heavenly Hundred — and their sacrifice was marked in Ukraine and throughout the world on February 20, the Day of Commemoration of the Heavenly Hundred.   IPolitics.  Read More

  • 08 Mar 2016 8:00 PM | Anonymous

    Since the overthrow of former President Viktor Yanukovych, the attitude of Ukraine’s post-Maidan government toward reform could best be described as ambivalent. Last week was a case in point. While Kyiv and its Western partners remained riveted by the fate of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, parliament greatly weakened a key anti-corruption law originally enacted almost one-and-a-half years ago.   Atlantic Council.   Read More

  • 08 Mar 2016 7:57 PM | Anonymous

    Reboot of the Government today is a responsibility of the Parliament and the coalition, as stated by President Petro Poroshenko at the meeting with the representatives of the Aspen Institute.The Head of State noted that the coalition played a key role in that issue and "should determine candidates for the ministerial posts, define a program of reforms to be implemented and clear out the position of factions within the coalition.  President of Ukraine. Read More

  • 08 Mar 2016 7:55 PM | Anonymous

    Prime Minister, Andreas, Martin, I’d like to begin by offering my warmest congratulations on today’s event and this accomplishment. Today’s agreement is a vote of confidence in the Ukrainian government, and in particular in those who have led the charge for reform in this cabinet. I’d like to in particular congratulate Minister Pivovarsky, Minister Pavlenko, and Minister Jaresko for all the work that today’s signature represents.    Read More

  • 08 Mar 2016 7:51 PM | Anonymous

    More than 270 leading personalities (Nobel prize awardees, writers, professors, politicians, civic activists, philosophers, artists) representing at least 20 countries worldwide have signed the respective open letter to European leaders. Please sign the Petition Here  Free Savchenko

  • 08 Mar 2016 7:46 PM | Anonymous

    Event at the Residence of the Russian Ambassador at 6 pm on March 9, 2016  Please follow the link

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