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In Memoriam: The Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

25 Sep 2020 10:33 PM | Andrew Piddoubny (Administrator)

We are deeply saddened and mourn the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a cultural icon and fearless champion for truth and justice. We are also inspired by her life and legacy. Justice Ginsburg was of Jewish heritage with her ancestors arriving to the United States from Odesa, Ukraine, and other parts of Europe. Influenced by her family’s and her own life experiences, Justice Ginsburg paved the way for gender equality and fought tirelessly for equal treatment under the law. In a statement, retired Justice Kennedy remarked “By her learning she taught devotion to the law. By her dignity she taught respect for others and her love for America. By her reverence for the Constitution, she taught us to preserve it to secure our freedom.”

Early in her career, Justice Ginsburg used her wit and well-defined arguments to win five landmark Supreme Court cases paving the way for equality in the law for women as well as men. Later, and most notably, in her opinions and powerful dissents she defended and continued to fight for justice and equality on issues surrounding abortion, equal pay, and same sex marriage. Justice Kagan noted that “Her work was as careful as it was creative, as disciplined as it was visionary. It will endure for as long as Americans retain their commitment to law.”  Similarly, Justice Breyer recognized that her legacy goes far beyond the courtroom and that she will be remembered for her resilience and as “a woman of valour; a rock of righteousness.”

The second woman to serve on the Supreme Court, Justice Ginsburg will be the first woman to lie in state in the United States Capitol. Her decisions and dissents will influence generations for decades. Вічная пам’ять.

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