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This UABA Blog page provides information and commentary on issues that are relevant to the organization and its members. Although the blogs are public, comments can only be made by members. If you wish to join the discussion, you are welcome to become a member.

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  • 29 Jan 2011 6:36 PM | Deleted user
    Four technology tips to generate a ton of leads for lawyers in small firms. There are a lot of ways you can spend money on marketing with technology, but these are all free:
  • 29 Jan 2011 6:04 PM | Deleted user

    More than 5,000 attorney positions were eliminated last year undefined a downsizing greater than the legal profession has seen in the previous 30 years, according to a National Law Journal report on a survey of law firms throughout the country. Competition for the few jobs available has remained extreme as employers often receive resumes from hundreds of well-qualified attorneys for one position.
    Read Article    http://www.lawmarketing.com/pages/articles.asp?Action=Article&ArticleCategoryID=7&ArticleID=1076


  • 27 Jan 2011 9:41 PM | Deleted user

    Virtual law offices and ethics – Practicing Safely in the Cloud

    The feasibility of lawyers having a "Virtual Office"  was the subject of a presentation at the 2009 UABA Convention in Punta Cana, DR. [available to members on the UABA website] The following article expounds on the subject and may give some additional insight into the possibilities of practicing law "in the cloud".  
    The Law Marketing Portal 

  • 25 Jan 2011 12:45 PM | Deleted user

    Tax Code of Ukraine Will Have Oil and Gas Producers Tightening Their Belts

    The newly adopted Tax Code of Ukraine ("Code"), effective starting 1 January 2011, has significantly increased royalty payments and charges for subsoil use. Royalty payments rise approximately 16 percent for natural gas and almost 29 percent for oil and gas condensate. Charges for subsoil use increase approximately by 66 percent per ton of oil and gas condensate and almost 90 percent per 1,000 m3 for natural gas.
    Asters Law Firm Kyiv:

  • 21 Jan 2011 1:30 PM | Deleted user

    Plaintiff Who Discussed Suit with Lawyer on Work E-Mail Can’t Claim Privilege, Court Says


    UABA Law Journal A woman who sued her employer claiming discrimination can’t shield her lawyer e-mails in the litigation because they were sent from her work e-mail account, a California appeals court has ruled.

    Gina Holmes had claimed the e-mail was protected by the attorney-client privilege, according to stories by Wired’s Threat Level blog and Technolog on MSNBC.com.  Read at  http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/plaintiff_who_discussed_suit_with_lawyer_on_work_e-mail_cant_claim_privileg/

  • 20 Jan 2011 11:02 AM | Deleted user

    High court zigzagging

    By Judge Bohdan Futey: Constitutional Court recently overturned the “political reform” of 2004 that had dramatically altered the country’s system of government. Only a year and a half earlier, however, the court refused to hear a similar procedural challenge to that reform. This change of course may cause legal confusion. In future decisions, the court should recognize the value of consistency.
    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/opinion/op_ed/detail/95151/#ixzz1BaliIFsj
  • 20 Jan 2011 9:11 AM | Deleted user

    Is Law School a Losing Game?

    NY Times  "... [A] generation of J.D.’s face the grimmest job market in decades. Since 2008, some 15,000 attorney and legal-staff jobs at large firms have vanished, according to a Northwestern Law study. Associates have been laid off, partners nudged out the door and recruitment programs have been scaled back or eliminated.
         And with corporations scrutinizing their legal expenses as never before, more entry-level legal work is now outsourced to contract temporary employees, both in the United States and in countries like India. It’s common to hear lawyers fret about the sort of tectonic shift that crushed the domestic steel industry decades ago."
    Read Entire article: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/09/business/09law.html?_r=1  


  • 19 Jan 2011 5:58 PM | Deleted user

    U.S. concerned over politicization of legal system in Ukraine

    Kyiv Post
    Washington is concerned about the politicization of the legal system in Ukraine, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Thomas Melia has said.

    "We are concerned about the politicization of the legal system, which is indeed happening. Ukraine is a complicated country, a country we would like to be good friends with, but the rapprochement with Ukraine is rather complicated by several trends that we can see," he told reporters in Brussels on Wednesday on his way to Kyiv.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/nation/detail/95170/
  • 18 Jan 2011 11:31 AM | Deleted user

    Ukraine's New Tax Code: Some Major Changes

    On 1 January 2011 the new Tax Code of Ukraine became effective, although a number of its provisions will become effective later. Some of the major changes concerning corporate profit tax ("CPT"), VAT and personal income tax ("PIT") are as describws in the following article pyblished by Asters Law Fim, Kyiv.
    Read Entire Article



  • 17 Jan 2011 1:02 PM | Deleted user


    KYIV POST  Ukraine’s authorities stepped up arrests of political opponents over the winter holidays, amid growing international concern that the nation is sliding down an authoritarian path one year into the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych.
         In recent days, Ukraine’s law enforcement authorities arrested more than a dozen nationalist activists on suspicion of hooliganism, and are investigating a handful of participants from last fall’s tax protests.
         This post-New Year’s surge in activity by Ukrainian law enforcement doubles the number of oppositionists currently behind bars.
    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/nation/detail/94776/#ixzz1BJiPRHBn

         A prison cell might be not the best place to spend the New Year and Christmas holidays. But for a good number of top Ukrainian officials, including former Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko and former Minister of Economy Bohdan Danylyshyn, this was exactly the place where they had to relax and meditate on the whims of fortune. It comes as little surprise that virtually all of them belong to the “Orange” camp that is today’s political opposition. Their leader, the former Prime-Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, was also summoned to the prosecutor’s office but was spared arrest on condition she would not leave the city during the pending investigation.
    Read More: http://ukraineanalysis.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/selective-justice/ 

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