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The Ukrainian American Bar Association (UABA)

Асоціація Українських Правників Америки

("Asotsiyatsiya Ukraiins'kych Pravnykiv Ameryky")

The Ukrainian American Bar Association (UABA) is a national bar association created in 1977 whose members are U.S. judges, attorneys and law students of Ukrainian descent and those American attorneys with an interest in Ukrainian matters. Associate Member status is available to foreign jurists from other jurisdictions, such as Canada and Ukraine, who share the UABA’s goals and dedication to the rule of law, and the UABA’s mission objectives.   




Greetings and best wishes
for a healthy and blessed Easter from the
officers and governors of the Ukrainian American
Bar Association.

Вітання та найкращі побажання для
благословенного Великодня від управи
Асоціації Українських Правників Америки

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 Та що сина відпустила волю здобувати...







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