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Is Yanukovich in Putin’s doghouse?

17 Nov 2010 10:26 AM | Deleted user
                     Is Yanukovich in Putin's Doghouse?
from the World Affairs Blog:  Ukraine's Orange Blues, Alexander J. Motyl  
That’s what a biting satire of the Ukrainian president on Russia’s state-controlled Channel One, the country’s most watched television station, suggests. Aired on Sunday, October 31, on the “Big Difference” comedy program, the skit undefined titled “Viktor Almighty” undefined depicts Yanukovich as an outright buffoon. Channel One’s Viktor speaks Russian with a comically broad Ukrainian accent, takes great pride in nailing a portrait of himself to the wall, orders a bowl of borscht, a bottle of vodka, a cigar, and a top hat as his first acts in office, and, after decreeing that all requests from citizens be made in writing, finds himself inundated with Post-its.

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