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Victor Rud: Masks and Maskirovka -- Don't Inhale Putin's Virus

08 Apr 2020 12:32 PM | Deleted user

Masks and Maskirovka -- Don't Inhale Putin's Virus.

There is more to Russia's shipments of medical supplies (mostly useless) to purportedly fight COVID-19 than meets the eye. In Italy, NATO's gates are opened by one of its own members to Russian intelligence operatives as part of the shipments, with General Sergey Kikot, deputy commanding officer of Russia's radiation, chemical and biological defense troops, riding the Trojan Horse. He's the gentleman who sniffed indignantly at international alarm over the use by Russia's paladin, Syria's Assad, of chemical weapons in Douma province in 2018, weapons and training provided by Russia, writes Victor Rud.

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